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Happy New Year 2017! Topeka & Manhattan Kansas Photographer | Stacey Zoll Photography

Hello & Happy New Year to You and Yours! Due to limited time on my hands, I am a bit behind on my blogging (to be remedied this winter hopefully before lovely-wonderful-HEAT appears again).  So I apologize for my recent silence on the blog, but here I am!  I am happy to reflect on the memories made in the past year with joy and gratefulness for the work that I had, the people I met, and those I was able to share life with.  Hopefully I will cross paths with some of you in the next 12 months!

Personally, I don't have any crazy resolutions for this year; how about you?  What are your hopes, dreams, and goals for 2017?  I do plan to work on some personal strengthening and enjoy my family and friends.  One of my dogs has been working on some strengthening also.  He likes to lay next to me on the ground while I work on some back exercises, with all four legs in the air in hopes I will scratch his belly while I'm at it.  When I fail to do so in a timely manner, he merely moves towards me until his belly rests on my arm and he gets a belly rub from close proximity.  He really knows how to set goals and be persistent! Perhaps we can learn from him!

Anyhow!  This year began with a move for me from Manhattan, Kansas to Topeka, Kansas.  So naturally, my life was chaos for a few months!  I am missing Manhattan quite a bit and still love it, but I am getting settled and learning my way around and business stayed pretty study, so I am definitely blessed!  I still take sessions and weddings in Manhattan as well as visit dear friends, so I plan to maintain that for 2017.  It has been fun getting to explore new places and meet new people in Topeka as well.

All in all, it has been a busy, kinda crazy year for SZP, and not just because of photography as previously mentioned. But as usual, I have met many wonderful new people and witnessed many couples say their vows.  It was such a pleasure working with all of you and I certainly hope to hear from you again.

One of my favorite things from 2016 was photographing various school programs for the new web design of the Manhattan Tech (MATC) website, which was a ton of fun and a little different than I normally get to do.  I really love doing commercial/corporate work to include products, headshots, and real estate - commercial or private property.

One of my favorite things is still photographing female glamour/boudoir and making a woman feel as gorgeous as she should!  If you haven't looked into it for you or your spouse yet, then you are missing out!  It is such a fun experience!

This year, I look forward to expanding my high school senior portraits, so I hope to hear from those of you graduating in 2018 in the months ahead!  I will share a few from some of this years Class of 2017 below.

Whether it is portrait event, commercial, or real estate, I'd love to hear from you this year, and wish you all many wonderful blessings in the year ahead!  And try to stay warm.. as I cannot! =)

God Bless,

Stacey Zoll

Here's a tiny snippet of this year's photos! Rather than having your scrolling for days, I've just selected a dozen or so - you're welcome! =)  Enjoy!

Stacey Zoll is a professional photographer based in Topeka, Kansas that also serves Manhattan, Lawrence and other areas surrounding Topeka.  Wedding service areas include Topeka, Lawrence, Kansas City, Wichita, and other surrounding areas.  SZP  offers portrait services for Glamour / BoudoirEngagement, Wedding, Maternity, Seniors & Teens, Family and more!  For more information about SZP or to contact me to schedule your own session, please visit my website below! God Bless!

Images included on blog are a lower quality than what the client actually receives.

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