Thursday, February 2, 2017

Topeka Engagement at Gage Park | M + B | Professional Photographer Stacey Zoll Photography

Welcome back photo viewers! Today I have the pleasure of sharing a preview of Molly & Brent's recent engagement session.  I would love to share the whole thing with you (especially a couple of hilarious outtakes), but alas, I must narrow them down, so here are my top images that I just couldn't resist!

You may notice that I said "recent", yet the sun is shining!  We were lucky enough to have what some may refer to as "decent" winter weather.  I, of course, scoff at this sentiment because my fingers were still purple by the end of the session, as Brent so nicely pointed out to me, haha.  The good news is, that after some intense heavy breathing on my hands, and holding them over the car vent while driving home afterward (don't worry, I only put one to the vent at a time), my fingers thawed out, regained their regular color, and my phalanges and I will live to photograph another day!  Hooray!  However, I will concede and say that it was much warmer than it could have been for being done in January, so thank you Lord for that... but I still won't say it was good weather!

So after the weather report, lets move on to the couple! They are getting married this Spring and were a ton of fun to work with.  How Molly managed to wear a dress for this I will never know, she is clearly better at this "winter" thing than I.. and she looked beautiful doing it!  Brent is a crackup and I so look forward to working with the two of them on their wedding day.  I was lucky enough to meet the other members of the family as well that I have been told about from the beginning.  Their beautiful four-legged babies are full of energy, personality, and were fun to incorporate into some of the shots.  Working with all of them was a real pleasure and I sure hope they love their "winter" images as much as I do!

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